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Q-RT-PCR made simple

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The new Piko-Real System from ThermoFisher is now in the lab!  

Send us an email if you'd like to use it for some of your samples!


This very small, quiet unassuming machine has 96 wells and is equipped with easy to set up software.

Within hours you can have the data you need.

Sample Data from our Trial Run.

We extracted RNA from H1 hESCs, a fibroblast line (PM2p3) and 3 IPS lines derived from the fibroblast line which were reprogrammed using a poly-cistronic lentivirus (Oct4-2A-Sox-2A-KLF4) combined with a second lentivirus containing c-Myc, L-Myc or Glis1.



We also tried to figure out how many copies of the virus inserted into the genome of each of those IPS lines.  We ran Q-PCR (using DNA this time) with an Oct4 probe which happens to recognize DNA and RNA (cDNA), and estimated relative amounts as compared to the parent fibroblast line (which we normalize to "1").


While we depict the very sarcastic and talented Bill Maher on the top right "effigy space" he has no relation to performing Q-RT-PCR with the Piko-Real.  Just a play on words.

Please note, these figures are property of Rutgers University, and Rick Cohen, Ph.D., and may not be used without expressed written permission.